Utah Grub Club App

We are SO excited to share something we have been working on for so long. Our Utah Grub Club APP! Subscribing to the app will give you EXCLUSIVE deals at so many of our favorite restaurants. If you are a fellow foodie, this purchase will save you so much money and set you off on an adventure of a lifetime. Let's go!


The app is $9.99 via the Apple App Store. You can cancel at any time. 

How much is the app per month? 

Can I pay yearly? 

We are hoping to launch our yearly subscriptions in Q2 this year! 

now for a little faq...

Is it available on Android? 

Unfortunately, right now we only developed the app to work on iPhones. Hopefully Android will come soon! 

Can I see the list of all of the deals within the app before subscribing?

Yes! Before you subscribe you can scroll and you will see a list of the current deals within the app. 

Are the deals redeemable at all locations?

Yes! Each of our restaurants will have the deals available at all of their locations. There are 100+ different locations in Grub Club!

Where are most of the deals located? 

Majority are in Salt Lake County but we are constantly working on adding more in Utah County and Davis County as well. 


Let's do this. We would love to have you join us on this adventure finding the best food in Utah! Subscribe today and you'll officially be a part of our Grub Club and off on a foodie adventure of a liftime!

Are you ready to join the club?


Per month


Participating restaurants


Possible savings

It's more important than EVER to support the local restaurants in our communities. We want each of our participating restaurants to feel the love and with our passports, you're able to do just that!

Support Local Restaurants

Save Money Everyday

If you love eating out AND saving money, this is the app of you! With so many different deals, you have the possibility of saving hundreds of dollars throughout your subscription. 


Go on Foodie Adventures

What's better than going out to new restaurants and trying new things? With so many of our deals, you'll be able to try new things constantly with no regrets!

"We are so happy we connected with Utah Grubs. Besides being incredibly fun and humble, their reach in social media is incredible! 

Literally we have to be prepare every time they come to our drive thru location to get their favorites and post it in social media. It is almost automatic the increase of guest they draw to our business with their post and stories. We are truly grateful they enjoy our food and and the exposure we get by being feature in their post."

Thank you Utah Grubs for the support and being our customers and helping small businesses thrive .


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Meet some restaurant owners

“Hands down the most powerful and ROI positive marketing strategy a restaurant in Utah can make right now to drive actual traffic to their business is to work with Utah Grubs.”


thirst drinks/wetzels pretzels

"“Being a newer restauranteur, I quickly realized the value that social media influencers have on a business...

I can honestly say that there is no one better than Will and Olivia with Utah Grubs! They truly care about the businesses and don’t just support for their own gain. They give selfless support to see such phenomenal concepts grow here in the state of Utah. Thank you for caring about the community, especially during such difficult times for our local restaurants!”


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