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Will & Olivia Gochnour

Hi! We’re Will & Olivia Gochnour

We started Utah Grubs in 2014 and have a passion to show you the best + up and coming restaurants and food in Utah. There are a few ways that we share our favorite places with you – on our Instagram + TikTok, here on our website, through our weekly email round-ups, and of course on our very own Grub Club app! All that to say, we love trying new restaurants and helping local restaurants succeed!

Our Favorites…


  • Drink: Diet April O’Neal from Thirst Drinks
  • Cuisine: Sushi
  • Date Night: Franklin Ave
  • Icecream: Pistachio and Cream from Blacksmith
  • Movie Theater Treat: Popcorn with a Diet Coke
  • Place in Utah: Bear Lake


  • Drink: Diet Mountain Dew
  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Date Night: Sapa
  • Icecream: Nutella and Coffee Oreo from Sweeatly
  • Movie Theater Treat: Popcorn (extra butter) with an Icee
  • Place in Utah: St. George (for the golf, of course)

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